Saturday, January 4, 2014

At the end of the road: Bosque del Apache. Nearest town: Socorro. The greeting sign artfully sums up the ambiance of the place:
The bosque results from the spilling out of the Rio Grande. Here is the river at the South end of Albuquerque, note eagle on tree on the left:
The site is one of the most photogtaphed places on earth (bird watches are grafted to their cameras), so I will not dare to compete with so much skilled documentation of events there. Still, here are a few images that caught my attention through my lens:
Snow Geese and Cranes co-cohabiting:
 Space enough for this creature:
 And sncks, awkwardly placed, are available. But shouldn't someone be keeping an eye out?

Not to mention this. They do swim, right?

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