Friday, December 3, 2010

Life and death

At home, at last.
How many more days.
It is December, after all.
Winter bugs. I normally select bugs for exclusion from the house by either capturing them in a plastic cup and then slipping a colorful postcard of sunlit New Mexico over the open part, so as not to hurt the creature, or by just catching them in my hand if they seem not too delicate or homicidal. It is December, though. Not very nice out there -- especially at night. This insect has my permission to live on the window in the kitchen:

It is December. What do you expect?


Tenelilli said...

I expect snow and lots of it. I expect everyone else to suffer some unseamly cold temperatures too ;>

Ryszard Wasilewski said...

We will pay for this later. It so dry my humidity reader refuses to read. It's been so long since it last rained -- I leave stuff lying around outside without even thinking about what would happen if moisture descended from the heavens.
Come spring, when the first camper forgets to piss on his smoldering campfire, or when the first bolt strikes out of the blue sky -- we will burn!