Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blog News

I am separating my current work into two categories, and posting it into two separate blogs. In "Process" I'm posting 2D and 3D pieces where, at the moment, I am struggling to find a medium, a material form, for ideas connected with what I want to express in a series which I am now making. In "Next Blog" I am posting images which arise more directly, mostly in digital form, from a thread of thought.   
In both instances I need to struggle and avoid being trammeled by the poop culture definition that art is what sells, or is approved of, while producing material that holds its form, some kind of physical existence. "Archival" form is not a primary concern, but built-in obsolescence, an existence that survives only briefly is a bother that I would like to avoid. Transient form is not something that I have eliminated on principle, but it is not my objective at the moment.
This unique entry I am posting in both “here” and “there” for the amusement of those who read one but not both blogs. For self-therapeutic reasons I will also not be able to restrain myself from writing the usual nonsense about my thrilling adventures in the deli aisles of grocery stores.
For my visitors from Russia I am also posting this in “Further Issues” to encourage you to visit my other blogs, and perhaps even leave a comment.   

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