Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wood recorded

Another layer slowly going up. Will it last the winter? Will there be a winter? Last year we burned wood starting at the beginning of October and did not stop until well into May. This year we lit a few fires just for the fun of it (hottest year on record, so far). In centuries to come an internet archeologist, excavating obscure blogs, will find this post: "Ahh...look," he will scream to his/her colleague, "look, at last! handle this gently...what an insight! a real intimate, personal record of the Great Warming's early date...and what a pretty picture, eh?

BTW I take it for granted that there are major rodent colonies at the bottom of the furthest layers, secure until spring, but I now notice that "medium gray birds" are zipping in and out of the upper layers like as if in familiar routine. I checked the location. No sign of nests, no eggs or cute little beaks open in expectation.
I expect advice from experts on wood-pile management, please.


Drwal said...

take it all out
start over

Ryszard Wasilewski said...


Jeżeli rzeczywiście jesteś drwalem, tak wynika z twego nika, to zastosuję sie do twojej porady.