Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More violence

Can't blame the beavers for this.

As a sort of BTW.
It looks to me that a gestural form of putting out artwork has not yet entirely developed in a digital/computer form. There is not yet much tolerance for the clumsy "aesthetic" of drawing with a mouse* -- even if it has a clear purpose. The above pick-ax incident is a facetious piece, but it contains ingredients that are not a part of our common art vocabulary, not together in one piece.

1. Photograph of manipulated environment. In this case a pick-ax inserted into a table, and chalk drawing on table and ground.
2. The image is manipulated in a program (here in Photoshop).

It ought to be not just acceptable that images can exist in this form but also more commonplace and familiar.

*I realize that there are instruments with pressure sensitivity, texture resistance, etc., etc. I have a pad like that myself, but the physical, body gestures should also be seen for what they are in a primitive form, as they often are in drawing on paper -- here, in this case, drawing with a common, everyday mouse.

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